Constrained Wave

Flipchart Friday Constrained Wave By Yulong Zhang View the series You will likely be familiar with constrained wave from wind turbine standards such as IEC61400-3-1 or DNV-ST-0437. As in DNV-ST-0437 ‘Simulations shorter than 1 hour may be applied for the estimation of...

Steel vs Concrete

Flipchart Friday Steel vs Concrete By Leah Ewart View the series In this article we look at steel and concrete, and their uses for offshore wind foundations. Overview Steel is a very versatile material available in multiple different sections, such as flat plate and a...

The Principles of Damping

Flipchart Friday The Principles of Damping By Oceane Daoud View the series The Principles of Damping – In simple terms, damping is the ability of any object to dissipate energy. One of the most common models that we use to represent damping is viscous damping,...

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