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Flipchart Friday
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Flipchart Friday is a series of short informative videos, sharing the how-to on key technical topics in Offshore Wind

Episode sEVENteen

Morten & Jan

Karl Davis takes the last spot in our Flipchart Friday series, with a look at the role of developers vs designers in offshore wind and their conflicting needs.

Flipchart Friday
Flipchart Friday episode 16

Episode sixteen 

Rainflow Counting

Nick Howard takes an in-depth look at the calculations required when performing rainflow counting for fatigue analysis.

Episode fifteen

Digital Twin

This week Aaron Du takes on the subject of digital twin – helping decision makers in offshore wind react timely with more effective solutions.
Flipchart Friday episode 13
Flipchart Friday episode 14

Episode fourteen

Anatomy of a Wind Farm

Graduate engineer Ian Tran talks us through the anatomy of a wind farm, from foundations to rotors and converting the power.

Episode thirteen

Windmills vs Wind Turbines

Lead Floating Wind Engineer, Benoît Brière, takes a humorous look at Wind Turbines vs Windmills.
Flipchart Friday episode 13
Flipchart Friday episode 12

Episode twelve

Aerodynamic Damping

Floating wind engineer, Romero Moreira, takes a look at aerodynamic damping and its consequences for offshore wind.

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We think industry events can be boring. No one likes a sales pitch from a suit. Foundation Ex is different. We are on a mission to challenge conventional thinking and spark genuine technical debate. And have some fun while doing it.


We bring together industry leaders from around the globe to discuss the hot topics in offshore wind development. Our experienced panellists have thrown a light on the necessary innovation the industry needs for the decade ahead.


The offshore wind industry has a huge task ahead if it is to reach anywhere close to the global GW targets that have been set by governments. We see the route to success lies through the sharing of knowledge to drive change.

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