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Foundation Ex is different.

Properly technical.

Radically innovative.


We think industry events can be boring. No one likes a sales pitch from a suit. Foundation Ex is different. We are on a mission to challenge conventional thinking and spark genuine technical debate. And have some fun while doing it.


We bring together industry leaders from around the globe to discuss the hot topics in offshore wind development. Our experienced panellists have thrown a light on the necessary innovation the industry needs for the decade ahead.


The offshore wind industry has a huge task ahead if it is to reach anywhere close to the global GW targets that have been set by governments. We see the route to success lies through the sharing of knowledge to drive change.

offshore wind infographics

Technical resources, visual format

A summary of the need-to-know of offshore wind foundation design, all wrapped up in a beautiful visual format. Designed to share with your team.  


Flipchart Friday

Flipchart Friday is a series of short informative videos, sharing the how-to on key technical topics in Offshore Wind.

Nick at flipchart talking
Images of a floating offshore wind farm

guide to offshore wind foundations

Offshore Foundation Design? We wrote the book

We share what we have learnt about offshore design over the years as well as highlighting the scale of the technical challenge we’re collectively facing as an industry.

Virtual roundtables

Watch again – The Tech Sessions Seasons 1 and 2

The Tech Sessions were a series of lively webinar debates which got right to the heart of the technical challenges facing the Offshore Wind industry.

Previous events

A look back at the Foundation Ex conference

Our biennial in-person conference usually takes place in Bristol. Last time around, over 200 of the industry’s finest minds met up for a day (and night) of  sharing knowledge and celebrating success in the offshore wind industry. 

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The heart of Empire Engineering are our Engineers, we think they are the finest in the business.

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Karl Davis

Empire Engineering

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Louise Coles

Empire Engineering

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Nick Howard

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Read our Guide to Offshore Foundations

Packed full of knowledge about the technical developments and challenges facing our industry in both fixed bottom and floating offshore wind.

Read our Guide to Offshore Foundations

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