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JGC Japan Corporation (JGC) is a multi-faceted global business, headquartered in Yokohama, Japan. Empire supported JGC with their studies for offshore wind projects under development in Japan in order to reinforce  their expertise and abilities in offshore wind.

JGC is a major international EPCI player in many fields, but so far specifically in oil and gas and increasingly in renewables as energy transition The JGC team has been working for feasibility studies, conceptual designs, and basic engineering of offshore wind power projects, and as part of that, they looked into Empire Engineering to provide specialist engineering knowledge and advice. 

 leg concept design used for cost estimates

Three leg concept design used for cost estimates

Part of the team

Empire sent principal engineer, Dr Alan Marson to work with JGC in Yokohama for two months in 2019. Alan was based in JGC Yokohama main office in Japan to provide on-site assistance and as an interface to the wider experience of the Empire team based back in Europe. 

Alan flew over to Japan, quickly got set up with JGC and embedded himself as part of the day-to -day team at JGC.  Alan started by casting his eye over the initial design and providing feedback and improvement suggestions based on our experience in European projects.   

After this initial review had been completed, Alan provided professional input into a number of sub projects supporting those engineering studies. These included: 


  • Reviewing the grouted connection
  • Creating Fatigue assessment
  • Considering  novel monopile design ideas to save weight 
  • Formulating a risk register
  • Performing analytical checks on the dynamics of breaking wave loads 

One particular key phase of the work undertaken by Alan was to produce a jacket concept design, including with cost estimates, for JGC to compare with current monopile design. 

Alan and Empire Engineering provided us with an excellent and responsive service, applying their knowledge and experience to answer any question we asked them.

Shigeo MORIMURA , JGC Japan Corporation

Fostering a long term partnership

The JGC, Emprire relationship did not stop when Alan finished up his time in Yokohama and returned to the UK. Instead, Alan and the wider Empire team continued with their assistance.

Empire Engineering was the stand out choice for JGC because of our combined collective experience, use of technology and similar values. Alan led a process that included automated design and analysis in SESAM, and his experience with jacket costing, covering fabrication, T&I etc proved incredibly valuable for the team at JGC. 

The Empire team drew on our considerable experience from European projects to benefit Offshore Wind Farm in Japan when JGC delivering an engineering products for offshore wind farm in Japan. 

Alan also successfully took on further responsibility, providing a non-linear time domain analysis of breaking wave loads to back-up the calculations of their Dynamic Amplification Factors (DAFs) from academic papers. 

 example of DAF overestimation

example of DAF overestimation

Technology as an enabler

Empire Engineering brought not just considerable engineering experience to the project, we also employed leading technology to automate and streamline processes. This included advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA), drafting, MathCad, and yes good old Excel! 

Empire’s recommendations

As a direct result of our work with JGC, improvements were made to the grouted connection design, Empire experience was incorporated in multiple areas, and JGC team produced a through consideration and comparison of jacket designs.

Key project summary


Key services
Specialist Engineering

Lead Engineer
Alan Marson


The results

The JGC, Empire Engineering relationship represents a successful long term international partnership. Led by Dr Alan Marson, supported by the Empire team, JGC had access to considerable offshore wind experience borne from many years experience. 

JGC  benefited from considerable European experience to assist with offshore wind power engineering and future EPCI execution. 

Alan undertook the creation of a Jacket Concept design with detailed comparisons to the Monopile design.  

We provided specialist technical support with breaking wave Dynamic Amplification Assessment.