By Karl Davis.

Our technical offshore Engineering conference, Foundation Ex 2022, takes place in Bristol on 10th May

The first Foundation Ex took place in October 2019, less than three years ago 

It feels like a lifetime ago. When the team here at Empire first had the idea of running our own conference it seemed a little far-fetched. Let’s call it … ambitious. We are an Engineering consultancy after all, not an events company.

Back then, we decided to go for it and put on an event in our industry with a technical bias. This was a real personal mission for me, I’ve spent many years in the offshore wind industry and over time had become disillusioned with the standard events model. Yes, it’s always good to make new connections and meet familiar faces, but the quality of the content for me was falling short of the mark. I did not want to pay hundreds (sometimes thousands of pounds) just to be pitched at. I can get that experience in my inbox every day.  

“The renewable energy agenda is more important than ever. Foundation Ex is a platform to share technical knowledge and discuss the hot topics in offshore wind, alongside the sharing of our experiences. We have packed the day with the best minds in the industry to celebrate our successes and look towards the future.” 

Karl Davis, Managing Director at Empire Engineering 

What a difference three years can make

We’re now operating against the backdrop of COVID, COP26, rising global temperatures, the changes of US administration and more recently the fallout from the invasion and terrible events in Ukraine. The geo-political scene is markedly different from less than three years ago.  
The sense of urgency is palpable. The recent ScotWind leasing round arguably heralded the era of commercial floating wind and has set off a chain reaction of events that we are now seeing across the globe from Portugal to Japan to South America. 

What to expect at Foundation Ex 2022

The theme for the 2022 Foundation Ex is ‘Scale, Optimise, Deliver.’ Now, I’m generally positive person but I’m making no secret of the fact my own session for the day is titled ‘Accelerate, Chaos, Madness.’ We have the mandate, but as an industry can we deliver?

My team have once again been working tirelessly for the past few months to put together the 2022 Foundation Ex. We have more than 30 expert industry speakers assembled for a mix of 15 minute short-sharp sessions and 45 minute technical panel discussions – I promise it will be all killer, no filler. 

What to expect at Foundation Ex 2022

You can see the full line up of who is speaking over on our Foundation Ex agenda page.

I’m grateful to our sponsors, Wood Thilsted, ITH Bolting and CSE. Their support means we are able to make Foundation Ex a reality.

At time of writing, we have already sold more than 100 tickets for this year’s event. The venue can only fit 200 so by the time we include our speakers, the room is filling up.  

If you’re thinking of coming along, I encourage you to book your ticket and get along to Bristol next month. We’ve kept the ticket prices down and we’ve turned up the wick on the food, networking, and party venue.

It’s going to be time well spent and I really hope you can join us.


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Tickets for Foundation Ex 2022 are selling fast, we expect the event to sell out by the end of April. Get your ticket here.

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