Foundation Ex 10 May 2022 Bristol

Detailed Agenda



This agenda is now confirmed but minor changes may be made in the lead up to the event.

Many of our delegates and presenters will arrive on Monday 9th May, so join us for a sponsored drinks, nibbles and networking event at Harbour House Bar & Restaurant in central Bristol from 6:00pm that evening. There will also be an informal meetup on Tuesday 10th May after the conference for those still in the city.

Monday 9th May

6:00pm – Late


Harbour House Bar & Restaurant, Bristol, BS1 4RB

Pre-conference networking dinner and drinks

Join us on the evening before the conference on Monday 9th May for complimentary nibbles and drinks. Taking place at Harbour House Bar & Restaurant in central Bristol, seize the opportunity for candid conversations with other technically specialised attendees.

Tuesday 10th May

9:00am – 9:30am


M Shed Bristol, BS1 4RN

Registration and Coffee

9:30am – 9:45am

Welcome from Karl Davis of Empire Engineering

09:45am – 10:00am


Scale-up of Offshore Wind Farms

Fran Pitkin, Principal Project Manager at OWC

Supply chains – The continued “scale-up” of offshore wind farms is putting increasing pressure on our supply chains – both in terms of the size and complexity of foundations but also volume. Several projects in recent years have had significant delays due to delays in foundation delivery and installation. How can projects manage supply chain risk while continuing to reduce costs in an ever competitive auction environment?

10:00am – 10:15am


The PISA R&D journey: From idea to implementation on Triton Knoll

Julian Garnsey, Project Director at Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm

Design methods proven by the PISA research project helped Triton Knoll to reduce monopile weights and installation risks – how can we successfully harness R&D benefits in construction projects?

10:15am – 10:30am


Reduced vacuum Electron Beam welding for monopiles

Carol Johnston, Consultant atTWI

An introduction to electron beam welding, where it has been used successfully, and the benefits of EB welding compared to conventional arc welding for monopiles.

10:30am – 10:45am


Supporting large scale offshore wind deployment

Ana Vega Kurson, Civil Structural Engineer at Arup

Using a data driven approach to rapidly assess the complex trade-offs between multiple sea users and low-cost offshore wind generation.

10:45am – 11:00am


Benefits of the C1 Wedge Connection

Jasper Winkes, Director at C1 Connections

The C1 Wedge Connection™ is a high-capacity, maintenance free connection that can be installed in a fast and safe manner. It can be used both in off- and onshore wind turbines as an alternative to bolted flange connections currently used in tubular steel wind turbine towers and foundations.

11:00 – 11:20am

Coffee and Cake

11:20am – 12:00pm

Break out one

Will we be seeing more of Vibrohammers?

Richard Pike
Martijn Schols
Dick Van Wijngaarden
Nicoloas Moscosco

Break out two

Scour and Seabed mobility

Nick Elderfield
Thor Ugelvig Petersen
David Lambkin
Wei-Ting Hsu

Break out three

When does the TP-Less Monopile make sense?

Nick Howard
Eric Degand
Jack Giles

12:05pm – 12:20pm


First experience with large diameter bolts such as M80 / M90 / M100

Colin Schroder, UK & Ireland Technical Sales at ITH Bolting

This presentation will focus on real world progress and experience of working with M80, M90 and M100 bolts as the industry pushes further beyond current standards. Colin will cover the development, approvals and supply of fasteners for active projects.

12:20pm – 12:35pm


Statistical approaches to structural reliability

Dr Eleni Minga, Lead Fathom developer and Structural Engineer at Empire Engineering

Eleni will be looking at Design and Reliability, specifically statistical approaches for design parameter selection.

12:35pm – 12:50pm


Metocean inputs to foundation design

Florent Guinot, Senior Metocean specialist at Wood Thilsted

Wave induced fatigue loads are one of the driving factors for the design of offshore wind turbines foundations. The presentation will focus on how to make the best of metocean assessments to derive limited but representative design load cases.

13:00 – 14:00pm


14:00pm – 14:15pm


Hitting a shrinking target: achieving and maintaining preload in bolted connections

Pete Andrews, Managing Director at Echo Bolt

Despite presenting the biggest scheduled maintenance burden in offshore wind, bolted connections have some of the lowest quality operational data on which to base design and integrity management decisions.

A discussion on impacts of tightening strategies, causes of preload loss and O&M best practices.

14:15pm – 14:30pm


Special session on fabrication supply chain

Eric Finé, Business Development Manager at Smulders

A suitably provocative contribution in a way only Eric can deliver. Expect controversy, drama and fair bit of tension. If nothing else, you’ll remember this one on the way home.

14:30pm – 14:45pm


Maximising Energy Yield from Floating Wind Farms through Asymmetric Mooring Design

Candice Tian, Structural Engineer and deputy team lead at Kent

Candice will present an innovative design study for floating wind farms, which explores the use of asymmetrical mooring systems allowing turbines to move position depending on wind direction to minimise wake losses, maximising the energy production of the farm.

14:45pm – 15:00pm


Design challenges for monopile WTG foundations in the US market

Miguel Mananes Negro, Senkor Offshore Structural Engineer at Ramboll

The recent booming of the offshore wind market in the US comes accompanied with significant challenges, not only from the design perspective with the application of US standards for OFW design but also commercially in relation with the supply chain. This presentation verses about issues such as transatlantic transportation, vessel impact requirements and hurricane loads and outlines how to approach monopile designs in this geography.

15:00pm – 15:15pm


Lessons learnt from FEED studies of  FOWT Demonstration Projects

Hieu Le, Floating Wind Senior Engineer at Worley

More information to follow.

15:15 – 15:35pm

More coffee and cake

15:35pm – 16:15pm

Break out four

Geotechnical Data – How much is enough?

Martin Østergaard
Alice Maynard
Mark Finch
Simone Schmieder

Break out five

Digital Twins – Structural revolution or marketing spin?

Karl Davis
Carol Johnston
Beccie Drake
Ursula Smolka

Break out six

Focus on Flanges

Nick Howard
Josu Ortego
Søren Kellenberger 

16:20pm – 16:35pm


Fabrication Challenges of WTG Jackets

Aaron Du, Partner at Empire Engineering

This session will present fabrication challenges of WTG jackets that CSE experienced and overcame in recent years. The following topics will be discussed: fabrication tolerances, double sided welding, and construction considerations.

16:35pm – 16:50pm


Benefits of an FRP Monopile

Eivind Johnsen, CEO at Entrion

The FRP monopile technology extends the operating depth of a monopile foundation. This session explores the technology behind the FRP and the benefits it brings to offshore wind projects.

16:50pm – 17:05pm


Confessions of a Geotechnical Engineer

Martin Kilsgaard Østergaard, Head of Section, Wind Energy and Renewables at COWI

Looking back at the industry for the last decade, efforts will be made to reflect upon past experiences, good and bad, to highlight important considerations relevant to succeed as a geotechnical consultant in the offshore wind industry.

17:05pm – 17:10pm

Closing remarks

17:10pm – late


Join us to continue discussions over a local Bristol craft beer or glass of vino.


We’ve intentionally kept the cost of attendance low to ensure the event is accessible to a cross section of our industry, providing an unrivalled opportunity to learn, make connections and share knowledge. 

Standard ticket

Includes entry to all talks, lunch and refreshments.

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