By Karl Davis.

In September we kicked off with ‘season two’ of our popular Tech Sessions series.

Here at Empire Engineering, we don’t shy away from tough questions and the Tech Sessions are no exception. The hot topic for debate was the need for skilled people in our industry.

With the advancing global progress of Offshore Wind and the huge number of large scale projects in the pipeline, we asked if there are simply enough good people out there to get the job done. And if not, from where are we going to find skilled people?

We assembled an expert panel from across the industry, each of whom could provide their own point of view to the collective challenge.  

As Managing Director of Empire Engineering, (and currently hiring!) this topic could not be more important. I would like to thank Dafydd Roberts (RWE), Irina Cortizo (Scottish Power), and Claire Lohan (COP) for providing their own views as Engineers at differing stages of their careers.

Last but certainly not least, I’d like to thank George Jamieson (Clarehill Associates) who provided an alternative take through the eyes of the recruiter. George has a tough job! 

On the day, we discussed a number of thorny issues, including what skills are in demand right now and how tricky it has been to attract talent to international projects during a global pandemic. 

We also asked the panel about their own experience in coming across from other industries and making the switch to Offshore Wind. Everyone had their own story to tell and their experiences included some great hints and tips for anyone looking to make the jump in our industry. Watch again on demand to hear what they had to say.

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