By Karl Davis.

Our most recent Tech Session has proven to be the most popular to date. We had more than 200 people in the audience on the day to hear the speakers deliver an excellent session all about fabrication challenges in Offshore Wind. The audience did their best to add in whole new dimension. The chat stream is worth reading back as a session in its own!

When we started the Tech Sessions last year, we hoped that some people would turn up. We never for a moment thought we would have the industry turning up in such numbers. I hope we’re putting on a good show. If you have ideas for topics for a future session then please sent me an email of DM on LinkedIn. While the current season of Tech Sessions comes to a close next month, I think it’s pretty likely we will be doing further sessions in the future.

As always, special thanks to our panel of experts: 
Michel Kurstjens from Sif Group, Sergio Altolaguirre Alonso from Haizea Wind Group and Phil Combes from Ramboll who joined Nick Howard from Empire Engineering.

There was much positivity around the speed of progress in the industry and the capability of technology and engineering expertise to cope with the challenges. Watch it back on demand and hear what they had to say.

Fabrication Limitations in Offshore Wind list of speakers

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