Detailed Design

We offer a full detailed design service on structural components, including design, analysis, engineering drawing production, provision of detailed specifications, as well as fabrication supervision.

Wind Turbine Towers

Our engineering team have specialist knowledge of wind turbine tower design.  We can offer a one stop shop, including full structural analysis, certification support, as well as production of detailed manufacturing drawings and specifications.  Our experience ranges from small 225kW turbines up to 7MW offshore monsters.

Wind Turbine Components

A specialist area of our team is taking a basic structural model of wind turbine components, such as a hub or mainframe, and developing this into a full set of manufacturing drawings and specifications.  We have experience working with fabrications and castings up to 5 tonnes.

Sea Fastening

Our extensive experience with offshore wind turbines has allowed us to extend our expertise into the detailed design and analysis of sea fastenings.  We offer a full design and analysis service to meet your vessel, component and sea state requirements.

Project Management

Qualified engineers make fantastic project managers.  Our team hold the highly regarded APMP qualification in project management. Whether it’s a small project requiring a few hours of oversight, or a billion pound investment requiring on-going supervision, we will be more than happy to lend our expertise and many years of experience to ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget.  

Engineering Management

Successfully guiding a complex engineering project from concept to completion requires specialist skills and experience.  Our Engineering Management service includes scope definition, front end engineering design, detailed design, interface management, procurement, construction management, quality management, installation, commissioning, as well as operations and maintenance definition.

Investors Engineer

The best way to minimize investment risk is to thoroughly understand what could go wrong with a project.  The key to this is having the right technical team to analyze the project throughout its lifecycle.  Our engineers will technically analyze a project from start to finish, identify the key risks and present the preferred methods of mitigation.  We’re also able to assist with project recovery when things have gone wrong, and manage a project to bring it back on track.

Windfarm Technical Due Diligence

We have a specialist team of turbine experts who will review the mechanical aspects of the turbine with respect to performance, reliability and serviceability, and ensure that the turbine supply agreement (TSA) minimises your exposure to technical risk.  Our experience in this area comes from working within turbine manufacturers, which gives us intimate knowledge of both the machines, and the TSAs.